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Best Fake Watch FAQ At

The most popular questions that we have answered when it comes to replica watches as follow,If you have some questions want to be know that contact us by E-mail.

1.What is the different between a Japanese and Swiss made watches?

Specification Japanese Made Swiss Made
Movement 25 jewels Miyota automatic movement from Japan Swiss made 25 jewels Titonic ETA automatic movement (This engine is used for Rado watches and many swiss brand name watches)
Chronograph Fully functional 24 military hours indicator and date Fully functional 24 military hours indicator and date
Contructions Solid stainless steel with similar weight of an original Solid stainless steel with similar weight of an original
Glass Mineral treated glass for better protection on the face Sapphire crystal glass for better protection on the face
Water Resistant Good for swimming but taking care of a watch will last for years. Good for swimming and diving up to 10m depth
Warranty 120 days limited warranty 6 months limited warranty
Shipping US$35.00 US$35.00
Accessrioes Comes with certicate Wood box, tag and paper

2.Why would I want to purchase a replica watch?

For many people, it is because they want to good looking, but are unwilling to pay "ROLEX prices." They just want his belongs say something about himself.For some people, it is because they have a real watch, but want to purchase something identical out on the streets so they can wear it without having their hand chopped off. And for other people, it is because they are collectors who want to have a wide variety of watches on display.

3.What is meant by automatic, chronograph, and quartz?

Automatic, or self-winding, means the watch has a self-winding mechanism which allows it to run on its own without batteries. The advantage is, batteries are not required. The disadvantage is, they should be serviced every few years to make sure they run smoothly. Chronograph are the little dials (or 'clocks') which appear within the watches themselves and are always fully functional on our watches. They are normally used as stopwatch timers. Quartz means the watch runs on a battery. One disadvantage is, they normally have fewer markings and details than self-winding watches, and you have to change the battery so often.

4.What is meant by sweeping second hand, and which watches have it?

A sweeping second hand simply means that the second hand sweeps smoothly instead of ticking once every second. Basically, it is just a bunch of very small, rapid, tiny ticks combined that makes it look like it is sweeping smoothly. All automatic watches have a sweeping second hand, and all battery-run (quartz) and chronograph watches have a ticking second hand.

I've seen prices lower than yours from other places. No you haven't. Check to see if the "cheaper" website even has a phone number or address posted. Most do not bother to promote themselves as a real business. Any valid websites we will match/beat their prices.

5.How long does it take the watch to arrive from the time I order?

It depends on the method of shipping. Please also note that there is an up to 2 business day processing period for orders. The estimated shipping times are in addition to the clearing period. 90% of orders will be shipped the same day they are received.

6.Are your pictures from the actual replica or the genuine watches on the Wed site?

You may be amazed by some of the pictures we have up on our website. Because of their quality, you might think they are from catalogs of the genuine watch. But that is NOT true! We have an in-house professional photographer taking the pictures for us, and he has taken pictures for a few watch catalogs before.
As a matter of fact, many other sites steal our pictures to place up on their own website.
We guarantee 100% that all pictures taken from our site are actual pictures of our Swiss Rolex replicas! The watches look exactly as represented in the pictures, and we never, ever use anyone else's pictures, or pictures of the genuine watch. If you have any doubts at all about buying the watch, just remember that we have a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

7.Replica watches - The reflection of status quo

The best replica watches of brands are offered in our website shopping which definitely elevate your position in the social scenario. Replica watches are meant for everybody to buy to sale. The replica watches give a touch of the luxurious watch brands like Rolex replica, Omega replica or Piaget replica to those people who cannot afford these exorbitantly lowest priced replica watches. They are split in grades, from Asian to Swiss (which are almost 100% made as the original watch).

Below you can find the four grades of the replica watches as follwer:

This grade of replica watches comes with one-year warranty period. The golden color looks like an exact imitation of the original Rolex watches. The Swiss replica watches have a 70 hour continuous reserve of power. Guarantees associated with Swiss replica watches are as follows:

2 tone models with concrete 18k gold Gold Triple-wrapped on all-gold models Authentic sapphire crystal Mid-size Solid 18k gold Yachtmaster models 2-tone Submariner Serti models with rock-hard 18k Original diamonds and jewels wherever pertinent. The Swiss replica watches are en suite with more than 31 jewels. Any watches missing any of the above feature means they are unreal Swiss replica watches.

Japanese replica Rolex watches are one of the most commonly found the replica watches on the Internet. This is an improved option for the wealth exhausted compared to Swiss replica Rolex watches, where excellence is fairly advanced but not adequate to be acceptable by the initial price with replica watches. The replica Rolex watches of Grade 2 have concrete stainless steel edifice, the eminence in the box and wristlet is almost as fine as the 440 grade seen on authentic, Swiss replicas. However in these replicas fewer jewels are found, ranging from 17 to 21 jewels. Following are some of the unique characteristics of these types of watches: The movements are authentic 25-jewel ETA movements (Swiss) Triple-wrapped all-2 tone models but NOT rock-hard gold Single-wrapped all-gold models but without any triple-wrap Real sapphire crystal The golden color looks accurately like a real Rolex watch However the Grade 2 replica watches are lighter than the Grade 1 ones. These are crafted skillfully in Japan in such a way that they imitate the Swiss replica accurately. These watches have a warranty period of 6-9 months and the whole sale prices of these watches vary from $300-$500 and the retail cost should not be over $700.

Grade 3 zenith replica watches indeed prove to be the - BEST HIT FOR THE MONEY. Watches belonging to this category offer the highest quality at a very reasonable price. These gold plated watches can be expected to be used for a long time provided good care is taken. The golden color of these watches is richer than the original color of gold. These models of watches have the same features as the real zenith brand watches. They are fitted with 31 jewels and have the equal power reserve as the original ones. Metals are not concrete like the Swiss replicas but all are wrapped under a solid stainless steel pedestal.

The Asian watches whose origin dates back to the late 70's are one of the most popular watches available on the Internet even today. The palpable imperfection of the Asian watches is the clear glass casing to show the swinging movements and the common flaw found in the watches is that there are no screws in the watch band with the metal wrap, which makes itself the band. They all have disparities of China-made movements, with stainless steel plated and as well as phony gold plating at times. Even though the value of the replica watch is not as low-priced as the battery operated quartz replicas, a lot of people can make out they are false just by one glance. The price of such watches cannot go beyond 150$.

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